Pastry Pub Family

July 12, 2021

Dear Pub Family,

We would like to thank you all for the support and care provided to us by this wonderful community over the past 22 years. We couldn’t have built this amazing Pasty Pub Family without all of you! Sitting here today writing this final farewell, brings back so many memories… The construction of the Pasty Pub in 1999 started, and so many of you stopped by to welcome us to beautiful Cedar City, and made us feel so at home in a new place! When the fire burned down the building next to us, and we were forced to close the doors for 7 long months for repairs, this amazing community took it upon themselves to help us raise funds to help us reopen our doors and reconnect with all of you. Showing us again, just what an amazing choice we made to be a part of Southern Utah, specifically the wonderful people in Cedar City, which had since become our home. When Covid hit, the world felt like it crumbled around all of us, striking stress in the hearts of small business owners. When our doors closed for 6 weeks, we really didn’t know what the future held for The Pub! When the time came to reopen, we were faced with restrictions and mandates, and once again this community of ours came full force to support us. We have truly been blessed with all of you, and we thank you all for the kindness you have shown us over the years. We will miss everyone that we have been lucky enough to meet, and the hardest part of this transition will be no longer seeing you all day to day. However, it was time for a change, both for us, and for The Pub. Change is never easy, this was a hard choice to make, but the only constant in life is change, because it helps us grow and thrive! So, we are excited that Cole and Nikki decided to move here from Iowa with their family, to help move The Pub in to the next generation. We hope you can show them all the same kindness and caring you have shown to us the past 22 years, by welcoming them to your community with open arms. We know some changes can be scary, but with some grace and understanding we can all make The Pub that much more in the years to come!

Thank you for everything,

Syrus & Tina 

The Pastry Pub in Cedar City, Utah

The Pastry Pub has been Serving Cedar City, Utah since 1999, we offer a relaxing atmosphere and a fun pub like setting. Starting out as a small coffee shop we decided to offer so much more to our customers just a short time after we opened our doors. Now years later our menu has grown so much your sure to find something for everyone, from a loaded pastrami sandwich to vegetarian and gluten free menus. We serve in one of our two dining rooms, offer on site and off site catering for any of life’s important events!

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